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Police Officer

The work involves the responsibility for the enforcement of laws and ordinances and the protection of lives and property in the community. The duties of a Police Officer include routine patrol work, assisting in the investigation of criminal offenses, traffic control and dealing with juvenile problems. Ordinarily, a Police Officer, whether on patrol or on special assignment, works under the supervision or direction of a higher ranking officer. However, there is considerable independent responsibility for exercise of sound judgment in emergencies.

Patrols an assigned area on foot patrol, a motorcycle or in a radio car to maintain order and enforce the law; Checks on the security of unoccupied businesses and residential property; Investigates suspicious activities and makes arrests for violations of Federal and State laws and local ordinances; Has prisoners booked on charges and escorts them to court and to jail; Directs traffic and enforces parking and traffic regulations; Investigates reports of, and attempts to locate missing and wanted persons and stolen property; Maintains order in crowds, at parades and other public gatherings; Provides direction and information to the public; Broadcasts radio messages; Makes criminal and plain clothes investigations as assigned; Observes and reports conditions requiring the attention of other City departments; May be assigned to investigate cases involving neglected, abused or delinquent children; Makes regular reports of activities.

Good social and general intelligence; good powers of observation and memory; working knowledge of first-aid methods; ability to be courteous yet firm with the public; ability to understand and carry out complex written and oral instructions; ability to operate an automobile; sound judgment; physical strength and agility; ability to acquire skill in the use of firearms; ability to operate a personal computer and utilize common office software programs including word processing, spreadsheet, and database at an acceptable rate of accuracy and speed; physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.

Graduation from high school or possession of a high school equivalency diploma and either:

A) Completion of 60 credit hours from a regionally accredited college at time of appointment (transcripts require); or

B) Two years of active military service* at time of appointment (DD-214 required); or

C) Completion of 18 months as a full-time Police Officer or Peace Officer within the State of NY (except NYPD and State Troopers). Proof of employment needed at time of appointment; or

D) Completion of 18 months as a full-time Police Officer or Peace Officer within another State (including NYPD and State Troopers) and the passing of the NYS Civil Service Exam. Proof of employment needed at time of appointment.

Candidates must be at least 19 years old on or before the date of the examination to take the test. Eligibility for appointment as a police officer begins when the candidate reaches age 20. Candidates who reach their 35th birthday on or before the date of written examination are not qualified except as follows: Candidates may have a period of military duty or terminal leave, up to six years as defined in Section 243 (10-a) of the Military Law, deducted from their age for purposes of determining whether they meet the age requirement.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: At time of appointment, the candidate must:
(a) Possess a New York State Driver’s license and maintain the license during the entire length of appointment;
(b) Be not less than 20; and
(c) Satisfy the height, weight and physical fitness requirements prescribed by the Municipal Police Training Council.